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Coco and Bosley's pups have arrived!

ALF3 Standard pups in shades of chocolate were born on the 1st of February. Will be ready for families 29th of March

Waiting list closed!

Chyna and Gengi have been on honeymoon.

ALF3 Medium pups in shades of cream, chocolate and black and possibly parti markings are due on the 20th of February. Ready mid April 2018.

Waiting list closed

Millie and Fitzy have been on honeymoon.

ALF1 Standard pups in shades of cream/gold and black are due on the 20th of March ready mid May.

Because Millie is a hair coat first generation cross labradoodle we are expecting approximately 50% of the pups to have a degree of shedding (usually considerably less than a labrador).

Waiting List Closed

the samurai guy


" Paul Marshall’s brilliance guides you across new ground in the Samurai Game in a fun and safe environment.” - Alistair. Organisational Behaviour Consultant

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