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Ruby and Sherlock's pups have arrived!

Ruby and Sherlock are the proud parents of 8 ALF2 medium to large medium pups in shades of black, chocolate and gold. Pups will be ready to join their families on 23rd of September.


Lotti and Fitzy's pups have arrived!

3 gold female pups arrived on the 4th of August. Ready for families on the 29th of September.

Waiting list Closed!

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Chia and Chance's pups have arrived!

11 pups born on the 20th of August ready 15th of October. ALF2 Miniature to Small Medium pups in shades of cream/gold, chocolate and black.


Willow and Indy have been on honeymoon!

AL large medium/small standard pups in shades of cream/gold, chocolate and black are due 10th of October. Will be ready for families late November

Waiting list closed

Mollie and Charlie have been on honeymoon!

ALF2 Medium/large medum pups in shades of cream/gold are due October 13th ready for families late November.

Waiting list closed

Piper and Dougal have been on honeymoon!

ALF2 Medium pups in shades of cream/gold, chocolate and black and parti markings. Pups due 3rd November ready late December.

Waiting list closed

the samurai guy


" Paul Marshall’s brilliance guides you across new ground in the Samurai Game in a fun and safe environment.” - Alistair. Organisational Behaviour Consultant

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