Bellissimo Rizzo

ALA Rego # 0147-087-01
Generation: ALF2
Colour: Cream Caramel
Colour DNA: bbee K/K at/at S/S
Coat: Curly Fleece
Size: Standard
D.O.B: 26-08-2021
OFA Prelim: Fair
AVA (Lavelle): 4+5=9
pennHip: R 0.41 L0.42
Elbows: OFA Negative
Orivet DNA profile: Completed

Big thank you shout out to Bellissimo Labradoodles (who likes the larger sizes), for sharing this girl with us. Jazz is all the things I love in my standards. Big, bouncy and fun, super social and loves everyone humans and other dogs. Those eyes look deep into your soul.