Our Guarantee

All Rusty Amber puppies come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee to cover all genetic disease related problems. We are happy to refund up to the purchase price for any genetic problems that arise during this time.

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Extensive health testing is performed on all our breeding dogs . These tests are performed when the dog is around 12 months of age – prior to breeding. If you would like more information on any of our individual dogs health testing please just let us know.\

Hip Dysplasia

We use 3 different methods of assesment for HD. X-rays of the hip joints are taken at approximately 12 months of age and scored by an accredited vet to give a hip score for each dog. Hip Dysplasia is an extremely complicated disease that is controlled by many genes as well as environmental factors. A large number of dog breeds are plagued by this problem to varying degrees. HD has become extreme in some of the larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Rotwielers and Labradors. The Australian Labradoodle has a very low incident rate of HD, and as a group we breeders are striving to ensure that it remains that way.

We have been screening our dogs for the past 17 years using the AVA style scoring system.

Information on AVA Hip Scoring

In the last 6 years we have started to use pennHIP as well.

Information on pennHip

Now, most of our breeding dogs now have their hips assesed using both these grading systems and also sent to the USA to get a OFA result as well (similar system to AVA).

Information on OFA hip screening.

We feel as breeders this provides us with a detailed assesment of our dogs hips to help us make the best decisions when choosing individual dogs and breeding pairs.

Elbow Dysplasia

This test in performed at the same time as the Hip Dysplasia. X-rays are taken of the dogs elbow joints and given a score. All Rusty Amber Breeding dogs have attained perfect scores of 0. This genetic condition is very rare in Australian Labradoodles.

Rusty Amber Labradoodles DNA testing program

All ALA breeders screen with Orivet genetic testing. We have been carrying out DNA testing on all our dogs since 2005. All dogs entering our program are DNA profiled. Our dogs are submittted for a full breed profile which screens for around 20 testable diseases and new tests are added as they become available.

Orivet Full Breed Profile Information

DNA testing has allowed us to ensure that none of our pups will ever suffer from this disease that can result in blindness. All our breeding stock are now tested and we breed selectively to ensure none of our pups will express this genetic condition.

In early 2013 we began using a DNA testing Laboratory that also was able to provide tests for the following diseases that can be found in some of the Australian Labradoodle parent breeds. While these diseases are largely unheard of in the Australian Labradoodle, testing for them gives us the ability to make sure our dogs will never suffer from these genetic conditions.

All our breeding dogs are now tested for all genetic diseases prior to joining our program.